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Waveney Enterprises Craft Workshop

13 Smallgate, Beccles, Suffolk

NR34 9AB

TEL:01502 716065

Registered Charity: 1045523



“Waveney Enterprises Craft Workshop is a community where I can be creative and learn new skills”.

Welcome to Waveney Enterprises Craft Workshop. A craft workshop that provides a supportive,caring, person centred, holistic environment.

Waveney Enterprises Craft Workshop gives adults with mild to moderate learning difficulties the opportunity to learn, new skills and knowledge through a variety of crafting activities. Activities might include knitting, sewing, gardening, woodwork and painting. The beautifully hand crafted items we produce to a high standard are sold in our on site shop which enables development of confidence and customer service skills in a small retail environment. all sale proceeds go back to benefit the charity.

Situated in the heart of Beccles town centre in a Grade II listed building, with a secret garden and outbuildings that house our wood workshop, the site is easily accessible. A relaxed environment to enjoy crafting that is tailored to your needs.

Spending a day at Waveney Enterprises Craft Workshop, can have an amazing effect on people’s health and well-being. No matter what your crafting ability everyone is welcome to take part in our activities. Independent working is always encouraged to increase confidence and to promote self-efficacy. People can also benefit from supportive teaching/mentoring for those activities that present as more of a challenge.

People are able to enjoy the social aspect of the Craft Workshop creating companionship, for those that might otherwise be isolated. Our person centred approach aims to encourage our co-workers to develop and learn new skills, taking pride in the crafts that they make.

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